The mission of the FASt Lab is to investigate and design adaptive structures that are dynamically coupled to their fluid environment. Essentially, we want to understand morphing and flexible structures operating underwater and in air.

Application areas include: bio-inspired underwater propulsion (artificial fish), underwater robotics, embedded sensing, and compliant aero structures (such as HALE aircraft: high altitude, long endurance)

This research is multi-physical and crosses the areas of structures, hydro/aerodynamics, mechatronics, controls, and smart materials. We use a combination of experimentation, analytic and reduced-order modeling, and optimization techniques.

Open PhD Position:

The FASt lab has an an open PhD Position in the area of Dynamics of Underwater Robotic Systems. More information is provided in the link below. If interested, please reach out to Dr. Patrick Musgrave ( for more details.

Potential candidates should already be accepted into a graduate degree program in UF’s Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department